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SoBeFires ~ Fire-Proofing Prevention Miami – for all your fire-proofing needs.

Fire-proofing prevention in Miami for fabrics, rugs, lumber, auto, yachts, aircraft, Tikihuts and so much more.

Fire Doubles in Intensity every 30 Seconds, help protect your self, by contacting SobeFires in Miami today!

SoBeFires ~ Fire-Proofing Prevention Miami, your one-stop for all licensed business fire-proofing needs in South Beach Miami and throughout the state of Florida!

Fire Proofing prevention is a legal requirement for businesses and most public events held in South beach, Miami and throughout the state of Florida.

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Fire-Proofing Prevention Miami

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The goal of SoBeFires is the on-site spraying of fire-proofing prevention retardants to help you take precautions and to prevent potentially harmful fires from destroying your business or taking lives of the public. It is a proactive method of reducing emergencies from damage caused by unwanted fire.  Call us today to get more information and a free quote. SoBeFires doing business since 1990. Let us make your place of business a safe place.

Application of the fire retardant treatment product must be applied in accordance with the Service Providers written instructions and regulations, and only applied by the Service Providers, or approved agents, trained and certified competent personnel. We at SoBeFires are trained and certified, give us a call today to get you up to code.

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